Fear Less, Love More

About Myles Scott


Our mission is to help men and women experience relationships full of love and joy, starting with themselves first.


Our vision is to help others step into their Real-Selves, allowing them to connect genuinely and deeply with themselves and those they choose to.


In order to manifest anything in life, you need to be acting in alignment with your Real-Self. Otherwise, anything you encounter in life will only try to push you back onto your own individual path. When you resist, you create your own suffering. When you surrender and choose to learn from it, you can experience bliss in any area of your life.
If you want the partner of your dreams, you must first become that partner. If you want a deep and intimate relationship with someone else, you must first have a deep and intimate relationship with yourself. The Real-Self Movement is all about helping others step into their Real-Selves in order to manifest the life they love, starting from within.