Cacao Ceremony LA

Cacao Ceremony LA

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We are honored and grateful to cocreate this space for healing and expansion with you every week.

Come join us for a night of deep connection in the incredibly healing light of our hearts opened by the Sacred Spirit of Cacao. 

Let’s gift one another with each other’s presence and everything we are experiencing for ultimate healing. 

Bring your love, pain, vision, and everything you are. You are welcome in any aspect of you.

Goddesses and Gods, bring your light & darkness to our Sacred circle to connect to Mother Earth, our ancestors, our hearts, and our physical and light bodies.

This is a weekly night to discover, maintain, and redirect our own path. To feel empowered by an ever growing community of love-driven leaders.

Let’s release the old and welcome the new. 

Always Phoenixing, WE RISE TOGETHER. 

This is a night to upgrade and integrate energetically, To reset, recharge, and nourish your mind, body, and soul. To breathe into transformation.

Let's open our hearts together with the healing vibration of Cacao.

According to Mayan Tradition, the term "cacao" is literally translated as "heart blood." The theobromine in Cacao is a vasodilator (blood vessel widener) and a stimulant for the heart.

It's a great example of indigenous wisdom having scientific backing:-) 

We look forward to seeing you and be in your Divine presence. 

You are the medicine. 


Infinite love, 

Myles & Dharma