The Book and The Movement

Our Mission

Our mission is to help men and women become more conscious through raw vulnerability, self-awareness and self-love.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring to light to the social issues that corrupt us. Issues that condition us to compare and judge, to prioritize fear over love. With your help, we can spark a movement around conscious change. Together we can alter the perception around vulnerability so we collectively view it as a strength rather than a weakness, simply because it takes courage not to hide. When we’re honest with ourselves and accept what we find, we no longer have to wear a mask. We no longer have to fear. This is one of the crucial elements in the healing journey towards self-love. Once we understand how to love ourselves, we’ll know how we deserve to be loved and we’ll know how to truly love others.

The Movement


The Movement is for anybody who desires to be a better version of themselves. Anyone who has been affected by comparing themselves to other people may feel lost, confused, sad or depressed at some point in their life because they’re not living who they truly are.  The more we compare ourselves to other people, the more we’re creating distance between who we truly are and who we are projecting ourselves to be. We have to close that gap to get closer to our true self. That’s where our happiness if found. That energy we are putting out in the world is a magnet for all things that are truly aligned with us and what we love. This movement is for everyone - for anyone who wants to become the best version they can be.

This movement is going to change the world. Everybody, and their moms, is going to derive their sense of self-worth from within. And, women are going to raise the bar for how they deserve to be treated which is going to, on the simplest, most biological level force men to evolve in order to find a mate.

Are you with us?


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